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Humanism and Renaissance

This section is centred on fifteenth-sixteenth century philosophy and culture, and is intended to cast light on its specific and distinctive traits, beyond the philosophical-historical shackles that restrict its significance and autonomy at both theoretical and historical level. In addition to the affinity of the topics addressed, another feature characterising the projects comprised in this section is the creation and utilisation of databases of texts and images that facilitate an interdisciplinary approach to the dense network of relations between the various branches of Renaissance culture. 

Study activity

Aristotele nel De anima, cercando di delineare una via intermedia tra il 'fisicismo' dei presocratici e lo sfondo metafisico della gnoseologia platonica...
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The course aims to explore a series of works, academic contexts, disputes and debates, tracking a history of the institutionalization of psychology as independent science.
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The specific topic of this project is the impact of Italian culture in Renaissance England ...
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The objective of this study is to identify the philosophical bases and the peculiar characteristics of the model of Renaissance science ...
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