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Johannes Thomas Freig, Quaestiones haeothinai kai deilinai seu logicae et ethicae
Johannes Thomas Freig, Quaestiones haeothinai kai deilinai seu logicae et ethicae

The Rise of Psychology in Early Modern Scholasticism

Marco Lamanna

From Antiquity to the Middle Ages, the scientia de anima was mainly not considered as an autonomous and independent science. The study of the soul was therefore often included within the realms of investigation of physics or metaphysics; in some cases its status was determined as something between these two sciences. During the Early Modern Age, and within the context of Early Modern scholasticism, emerged not only the interest with a neologism (psychologia) for denominating the science of the soul, but also a renewed debate on the nature and place of psychology. This debate surely originated from the choice of Philipp Melanchthon to re-launch the comment on Aristotle’s De anima, riding over the interdicts by Luther against metaphysics and rational psychology. The course aims to explore a series of works, academic contexts, disputes and debates, tracking a history of the institutionalization of psychology as independent science. This history includes theological-confessional problems and determines the definition of other rising disciplines such as anatomy and anthropology.
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Marco Lamanna

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Lunedì 18 maggio, ore 14.30-17.00; Mercoledì 20 maggio, ore 14.30-17.00; Venerdì 22 maggio, ore 10.30-13.00; Lunedì 25 maggio, ore 10.30-13.00; Mercoledì 27 maggio, ore 14.30-17.00; Venerdì 29 maggio, ore 10.30-13.00; Lunedì 1 giugno, ore 14.30-17.00; Mercoledì 3 giugno, ore 10.30-13.00

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