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Nietzsche e l'Italia

25-26 maggio 2015, Sala Azzurra, Palazzo Carovana - Scuola Normale 

Scarica il pieghevole e la locandina.
What kind of bond exists between Nietzsche and the land of Sorrento as well as ofthe Renaissance, and which gave birth to Leopardi? Why the German philosopher so often refers to Italian places and to the Italian cultural tradition?
This conference focuses on the above-mentioned questions and aims at analysing in depth the unmistakable connection between Italy and Nietzsche, which, however, has often been neglected or oversimplified. The papers offer touch on a variety of subjects, with the dual purpose of preserving the balance between the influence exerted on Nietzsche’s thought by contemporary Italy, as well as that exercised by the traditional knowledge of Italian culture, as it was perceived abroad. The goal of the conference goes beyond the examination of the idea of the bel paese with its artistic cities and its Mediterranean climate, ideal for living and completing one’s works, and includes the intellectual association with the land of Petrarch’s humanism, of the Borgia’s unscrupulous political choices, as well as of Opera as an alternative to Wagner’s musical drama.
Through a wide-ranging ensemble of presentations, the congress aims at reconstructing an overall picture of the country Nietzsche often proposes as an alternative foundational myth of western culture –as well as a possible cultural exemplum of his philosophical view- in some of his most well known pages. This conference, ultimately, offers the opportunity for a reassessment of his thought in regard to Italy and its cultural heritage, adding a new hermeneutical tool to the general understanding of Nietzsche’s legacy.

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